Here is the email body and attachment that goes out to all registered camper families.

Attached is the 2022 Summer Camp Information Package, additionally here is some cumulative information from this season, think of it as a FAQ :

Hello Silver Lake Family!

Last Summer the staff team pushed through the heat wave like super troopers while they did pre camp training, successfully navigated sick camper symptoms and avoided any covid. Meanwhile, I was on alert and in constant contact with Regional District emergency operations and Okanagan Wildfire Complex Command to ensure the Brenda Creek Fire was a safe distance away and fire behavior was not putting us at risk. All the while the team was providing the best experience and safest environment for your campers (and for us too!) Did you know when there is smoke in the Okanagan Valley it is generally only half as bad or less at camp?! I thought this was a great time to review a few things with you all as well as ensure you are aware of what you need to do before arriving at camp and what you want to ensure is packed for your camper to ensure they have the best possible camp experience. IMPORTANT: Please read to the end for information of what to do; the week before, the day before and the day of dropping your little angels off.

Fires & other emergencies: camp is located in the forest and we are fortunate that the Westbank First Nation Community Forest conducted a Fire Mitigation Treatment in the lands that surround the forest, that means they thinned the stand and reduced the amount of ground fuels to slow the spread of fire and increase the effectiveness of fire suppression efforts. We are in contact with BC Wildfire Service, Fire Control and they know where we are and are very good at keeping us informed. As a past Initial Attack Wildland Firefighter, with fire sciences schooling and experience, I understand fire risk ratings and assessments, rest assured we will be arranging for you to collect your campers or to bus them off site in the event of any threat to camp and campers.  We have three evacuation routes out of camp, in three different directions with a bus company on call to transport campers if the need arises. Two options allow for busing out directly and the third is a short approx. 1km downhill walk to the 97c roughly at Silver Creek Chain off and then board the bus. If we have a fire start anywhere in our area we will contact all families from that session right away, no matter the threat level.

Smoke: Silver Lake sits at approx. 3500 feet and is on a high bench that is kept fairly smoke clear while heavy smoke settles in the valley. In past hot heavy fire summer years the air quality at camp was twice as good as downtown Kelowna. We also alter our physical exertion levels to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

Waitlist: If your camper is on a waitlist and you have not received an email about full registration please email, this email is not a confirmation of registration.


Hello Silver Lake Families!

Man what a time, at least we get to have some normalcy in the form of overnight camp programs again. I bet you are as stressed and totally done with the lack of information and somewhat constant change as I am. I have written this email too many times now, so here is the main information you require for your Camper to have an amazing week with us at Silver Lake. I am building a FAQ that will be uploaded on the website by end of this week, it will be updated as I receive specific questions I may have missed. Our BC Camps Association COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines Overnight Camps has been designated as the standard for all overnight camps in BC by Provincial Health Order. This document and our Silver Lake COVID Safety Plan will both be uploaded to the website by months end. It is not uploaded now because it continues to be updated by us and through direction from Provincial health. You will find these details under I have included the most relevant portions and the need to know pieces in this email for your ease of reference.

The following are our policies based on extensive research and input from Worksafe Safer Operations Group, BC CDC, BC Provincial Health and our association guidelines; these were assembled from experts in the fields and we understand that these standards or policies may not fit or be aligned with what you have heard, experienced, seen or were told is coming, they are the standards developed specifically for Overnight Camps in BC to mitigate risk and ensure the physical and mental health and development of camp aged children and youth.


Overnight camp will run very much like it normally does; campers will only require a mask at very few times but it is important they have at least one cloth reusable mask with them at camp, a three pack of disposables (even in a ziplock just in case would be good) Additionally social or physical distancing rules will be opened up somewhat; Your campers cabin group will become their Cohort or Family group (as defined by the standards), masks and physical distancing is not required within these groups. Family/Cohort groups will continue to physically distance especially indoors however when out of doors physical distancing will not be required and minimal short contact is permitted such as a tag game. We will screen for covid19 daily. 

Masks are not required in our well ventilated cabins and campers will sleep 10 per Cabin group and will be arranged in alternating bunks with head to feet type arrangements to allow maximum space around every campers head. Masks are not required in their Cabins. (our cabins normally sleep 14 to 24 campers)

Campers will eat in their Cabin groups in our large triple height ceiling dinning hall with all windows open and overhead fans moving in fresh air. Cabin groups will be physically distanced from other cabin groups and masks will not be required. Signing indoors though has been specifically prohibited under PHO so all the Neil Diamond references will be saved for outdoor assemblies only.

We will not be breaking up into additional specific groups this season to "mix it up" from Cabin groups when doing our other activities this summer; However, we will not be isolated to our cabin groups either, there will still be lots of structured and flex time to interact.

What do I pack for Camp? (OAK program email will go out around July 5th)

Please see attached our standard camp information list. Additionally ALL campers (regardless of any school or group exemption) are required to have at least one reusable cloth facemask and it is advisable to have a few extra or three disposable masks in a plastic bag. Hand sanitizer is not required, however you may wish to send your child with some, if so any with alcohol must have a low enough concentration that they are not flammable.

Pre-camp Screening Measures 
Silver Lake is working hard to prevent covid19 in our workplace and ask that campers and there families also do there part, and we do this by limiting our risk of exposure.

NOTE: The link to the Self-Assessment Online Tool and App download is:

2 Weeks before arrival: 
In the weeks leading up to camp families are asked to monitor their camper(s) for the symptoms listed below. All persons will be screened daily for the following COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste
  • Difficulty breathing

Other symptoms may include:  

  • Sore throat
  • Loss of appetite  
  • Extreme fatigue or tiredness  
  • Headache  
  • Body aches  
  • Nausea or vomiting  
  • Diarrhea See Symptoms ( for more details.

1 Week before arrival: 
• Parents/caregivers must complete a daily health check for their child for one week prior to the camp. A child who has answered Yes to any question is not allowed to attend camp and must follow public health guidance for testing and self isolating. They must call 811 to determine if a COVID19 test is required.  

24 hours before arrival: 

  • All persons will be required to complete the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment found at:  
  • All persons will be required to complete and submit the “Silver Lake Covid Screening Form” which will serve as their attestation that they:
  • Have done the aforementioned assessments and were not referred for further investigation
  • Have not travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days or been a close contact of someone who has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days
  • Are not living with anyone who has COVID-19
  • Have not been determined by Public Health to be a close contact of someone with COVID-19

Transportation to/from Camp: 

  • Drop-off at the beginning of the session: ALL Camps this season MONDAY 8:30am-9:30am, except intro to Camp where drop off is Thursday 8:30am - 9:30am.
  • Please park in the main parking lot, grab all your campers gear and check in with the Silver Lake staff member in the three sided gate shelter.
  • All campers will need to be dropped off at camp by a parent/caregiver during the specified time.
  • Parents will be required to wear face coverings at all times and will not be allowed to physically interact with anyone other than their children.
  • Parents may accompany their campers and assist them with their luggage, HOWEVER parents are not permitted to enter the campers cabins, visit or use the bathrooms. (i.e. they will be prohibited from touring the facilities). (A portable toilet is available for parent/guardian use)

Campers must wear a face covering until they have;

  • Completed the screening with First Aid at the registration desk and,
  • Arrived at their cabin and joined their Family Group/Cohort

Please do not bring pets into the camp this season, there is just going to be too much going on, sorry we will miss the puppers too!

Please leave non attending siblings, friends and additional family members at home or at the vehicle if at all possible, again just too much going on this season.

Pickup at the end of the session:

  • Instructions as per drop off           
  • Pick up is normally 3:30-4:00 PM Fridays
  • Except two six day sessions ending Saturdays, pick up is 1:00-1:30PMour paragraph here.

2022 Overnight Camps

Camp #1 Youth Overnight Camp (8-12yrs) (5 Days) Jul-04-2022 - Jul-08-2022 
Camp #2 All ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-11-2022 - Jul-15-2022
Camp #3 Youth Overnight Camp (8-13yrs) (6 Days) Jul-18-2022 - Jul-23-2022
Camp #3.5 Intro to Overnight Camp (6-8yrs) (3 Days) Jul-21-2022 - Jul-23-2022
Camp #3 Leaders in Training (14-16) (6 Days) Jul-18-2022 - Jul-23-2022
Camp #4 All Ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-25-2022 - Jul-29-2022
Camp #5 Youth Overnight (8-12yrs) (5 Days) Aug-01-2022 - Aug-05-2022
Camp #5 OAK (14-16yrs) (5 Days) Aug-01-2022 - Aug-05-2022
Camp #6 All Ages Overnight Camp (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Aug-08-2022 - Aug-12-2022
Camp #7 TEEN! Overnight (12-16) (6 Days)  Aug-15-2022 - Aug-20-2022

ASD Camp #2 All ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-11-2022 - Jul-15-2022
ASD Camp #4 All Ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days)  Jul-25-2022 - Jul-29-2022
ASD Camp #5 Youth Camp (8-12yrs) (5 Days)  Aug-01-2022 - Aug-05-2022
ASD Camp #6 All Ages Camp- (8-16yrs) (5 Days)  Aug-08-2022 - Aug-12-2022
ASD Camp #7 TEEN! (12-16) (6 Days)  Aug-15-2022 - Aug-20-2022

Happy Holidays and a very Happy 2023 to the Silver Lake Camp Family!

Myself and the team have greatly missed your campers and the whole camp experience this Fall/Winter and just can not wait to get back into camp and see all those happy faces, sharing our love of natural spaces, and passing on our knowledge of the environment!

2022 was a great year for camp but it also came with some great challenges. Though Covid kept it's distance from camp it certainly impacted our supply chain (and yours) with the lack of availability of some items and increased cost across the board but foods and fuels costs were almost out of control. We are a charitable society and our work with youth is done as close to cost as reasonably possible so there is simply very little room for us to absorb these new costs. We haven't raised our base rates since 2019 but you will find a modest 10% increase on camps this season. We will still have our huge discounts for early bird registrations and hope this will help many of you. If this increase or a situation in your life is causing you financial issues that will prevent your child from attending camp please email me in confidence and we will work to ensure your child gets to camp. If you are able to support our efforts in ensuring every child gets to go to camp please support us and our Campership program by clicking here to donate.  def. Camp*er*ship noun 1. Financial aid given to a youth to attend camp.

Not all was grim in 2022 we had a very successful season with record numbers of campers, moderate temps with great weather, and less smoke levels than prior years. We also are giving a big shout out to the Rotary Club of Kelowna; our natural gas generator went online as the main power generation this last season with a $20,000 grant (from a prior year); the new unit is cheaper to run and has much less emissions than our older diesels and extends the lifecycle of our power plant.. In 2022 the Rotary Club again stepped up to the plate when they provided $10,000 in funds to assist us with matching funds to Variety Childrens Charity - Sunshine Coach for a new 8 passenger Chevy Suburban. This unit will serve many needs from; OAK Outdoor Adventure Kamp, camper & staff transport, supply runs, special events and safe comfortable emergency transport and will be able to handle the extended use on our forestry roads, replacing our aging mini van and high cost of maintenance. Another big thank you goes to the Woodlot (surrounding camp) for their continued support in capital and operational funds.

Registration opens on January 4th at 8am and this years early bird discount code is "Campership" be sure to look carefully for the small discount code box on the payment window. In 2022 five out of seven sessions sold out with waiting lists, register early to ensure your spot.

ASD Campers; due to high demand please register your camper into the ASD camp waitlist for the session(s) of your choice and grab the camper intake form from our website (, completing and returning it to (A new intake must be done each season) ALL campers are waitlisted until intake forms are reviewed and we communicate with parents/guardians. Please note, any ASD camper registered into regular sessions may be removed from those sessions unless you have expressly spoken to the Camp Director. This is essential in us ensuring your camper, as well as the other campers and staff, have a safe and enjoyable camp session by being able to match abilities of both campers and staff and maintain proper staffing ratios.

Staff applications will be open by January 15th we have exciting opportunities and pay very competitively with 5 full weekends and two partial weekends off as well as the last week of Aug off. The link to apply is early applications are given higher priority. No prior experience is required. We do need a certain number of first aid attendants and lifeguards so renewing or obtaining those certifications this spring is a good way to increase your chances of being hired.

Help us spread the word about camp sessions and staff opportunities. Thank you!

2023 Overnight Camps (Some dates may still change, confirmed in registration on the 4th)

Camp #1 Youth Overnight Camp (8-12yrs) (5 Days) Jul-03 - Jul-07-2023
Camp #2 All ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-10 - Jul-14-2023

Camp #2 OAK (14-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-10 - Jul-14-2023 
Camp #3 Youth Overnight Camp (8-13yrs) (6 Days) Jul-17 - Jul-22-2023
Camp #3.5 Intro to Overnight Camp (6-8yrs) (3 Days) Jul-20 - Jul-22-2023
Camp #3 Leaders in Training (14-16) (6 Days) Jul-17 - Jul-22-2023
Camp #4 All Ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-24 - Jul-28-2023
Camp #5 Youth Overnight (8-12yrs) (5 Days) Jul 31 - Aug-04-2023
Camp #5 OAK (14-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul 31 - Aug-04-2023
Camp #6 All Ages Overnight Camp (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Aug-07 - Aug-11-2023
Camp #7 TEEN! Overnight (12-16) (5 Days) Aug-14 - Aug-18-2023

ASD Camp #2 All ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-10 - Jul-14-2023
ASD Camp #4 All Ages Overnight (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Jul-24 - Jul-28-2023
ASD Camp #5 Youth Overnight (8-12yrs) (5 Days) Jul 3 - Aug-04-2023
ASD Camp #6 All Ages Overnight Camp (8-16yrs) (5 Days) Aug-07 - Aug-11-2023
ASD Camp #7 TEEN! Overnight (12-16) (5 Days) Aug-14 - Aug-18-2023

January 3, 2022

Hello and Happy New year to all campers, friends and family of Silver Lake Camp!

(please forward to anyone you think will be interested)

Registration is now open with a loyalty discount of 15% for returning families, use discount code WE_LOVE_SILVER_LAKE. This is good only for the first 100 families in January after that it expires. There is also a discount of 10% for the first 50 new families in January as well. Sibling and multi session camp discounts also apply.

3 out of 7 camps filled to capacity and had waitlists in 2021, register now to ensure your campers get the preferred week.

All conversations so far have been very positive and our association understanding is that overnight camps will proceed as normal or with restrictions similar to 2021. As usual we will be very accommodating for any covid (or other public health) issue, if sessions are cancelled by public health order or you can not attend due to covid exposure we will either transfer the entire fee to the next season or refund the camp fee and credit the registration fee to next season.

Please complete our Medical form (mental, physical and behavioral) completely and accurately using space provided for further detail. This information is not used to exclude your child but to ensure we have all the information to ensure your camper, their peers and our staff have the very best experience possible. This information is confidential and shared only with specific staff when necessary. Autism Spectrum Camp placements will still be available but we need your help in ensuring this program succeeds and remains. If your child is on the spectrum please do not register them into the mainstream camps even if they function at a very high level and have attended our camps before. It is important that we know your Childs diagnosis and specific needs to ensure they, there fellow campers and our staff, have the most positive experience possible. All ASD camp registrations will be waitlisted and contacted by our team to assess were your camper fits and we will do whatever we can to fit them into the program. 

Go to to register and remember to log into your previous account and save yourself a bunch of extra work entering registration information. Your $100 registration fee (A portion of the camp fee, not additional) is required to hold the campers registration spot, the balance of the camp fee is due and payable AFTER March 31 and before June 15th. A three instalment payment plan is set up for credit card and will be charged on or about on March 31, May 15th and June 30th. You can also choose to pay by etransfer in full after March 31 or in installments similar to the credit card installment plan; etransfers must be sent to CAMP@SILVERLAKECAMP.NET no password necessary as it will autodeposit.

Applications for staff and volunteers are open now and due by Feb 15, 2022 

We are excited to see your camper this summer at Silver Lake Forestry Centre!

    Silver. Lake.Camp


The Summer of a lifetime for children filled with FORESTRY EDUCATION, PERSONAL GROWTH & FUN!

Silver Lake Forest Education Society is a registered charity, and donations are tax deductible!