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Silver Lake Camp Covid19 Information

March 23, 2020

Silver Lake Forest Education Centre (Silver Lake Camp) is a youth primary facility; being used by public and private schools as well as youth and community programs throughout the year as well as our Summer Camp Programs and a dash of private rentals. As a result of this we want to ensure everyone that you, your campers and our staffs health and safety is, and has always been, our number one priority.

There is a ton of uncertainty out there regarding covid19 and much we do not know and will not know for weeks or months about what the situation will be in May or even July. We are planning and will be bringing more information forward as the flow of information  and directions come from the various bodies that are asking for the publics compliance right now, these are the bodies that also normally regulate camping; Federal, Provincial & Regional Health Authorities, BC Employment Standards, WorksafeBC.

Camps have some experience with this type of thing already (influenza and norovirus for example) and practice high levels of hand sanitation before every meal and after any bathroom use. Camp is stocked with three types of sanitizers for surface and personal use. The Camping Standards also direct us in concert with Provincial Health on such things like the amount of space required in each cabin per camper (Similar to physical distancing) Obviously these things are daily things meant to address normal daily bugs but we are told they are a big part of what the plan would look like when camps return to operate.

The camp seasonally opens May 1 but we will be delaying this opening based on advice and direction from civil authority, currently camp is vacant and we ask our camper friends, families, staff and alumni to find other places to get away and hike during this time; we will miss you but will see you in the future. Our facilities have been vacant since before the outbreak and will remain so until civil authority says it is OK to operate.

Here is no time limit on cancellations when it comes to covid19 and the civil authority directing people not to gather, we encourage you to support us and provide hope for your campers by sticking with us until we know if we will be able to operate or not. Nobody will be penalised for waiting till the end to decide.

Our amazing Staff, our dedicated Board of Directors and of course Myself wish you and your families all the best in the coming weeks and we hope to see you all this summer for a much deserved escape!

Silver Lake Forest Education Society

Russ (Muskrat) Paton