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May 25, 2020

To our amazing Camp Family (all Campers, Parents, Volunteers, Staff, Board of Directors and Community Supporters alike),

There is no greater encouragement and comfort than the Camp Community at a time like this. You have been in our hearts and our thoughts as we have made, and remade, decisions regarding our programs.

After 50 years in operation, years of working with the Camp Community, the health and safety of our campers, staff, and their families comes first. We have been actively monitoring Covid19 and have been working hard to adjust, and readjust, our plans for Summer 2020. Based on the direction of Dr. Bonnie Henry, we have made the difficult and emotional decision to Cancel Overnight Summer Camp. I am confident that we will retain, and build, the momentum and growth of our program in 2021.

For the past months we have worked tirelessly exploring every variable to make overnight summer camp possible while maintaining the health & saftey of Campers, Staff and Families. Without the work of my amazing colleagues at our Sister Camp, Evans Lake (Evans Lake Forest Education Society), and other related BC Camps, this scope of work would have been insurmountable. A robust re-opening plan was developed following guidelines from WorkSafeBC, Ministry of Health, and industry sectors related to camp; this proposal was shared with DR. Bonnie Henry via the team at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

The decision was reached and Dr. Bonnie Henry's team stated that "Dr. Henry replied that the risk to public health this summer of overnight camps is too great to endorse..." and that " camps be considered as the safer alternative under the current circumstances". The BCRPA (BC Recreation & Parks Association), who represent a large body of members who run day camp programs normally, was tapped by provincial Health to provide guidelines for day camp programs in British Columbia. This guideline was submitted to Provincial Health late last week and we are awaiting a response. While we await approval of the guidelines to successfully implement day camp this is the basic daily schedule we have created. 

Silver Lake EcoFun Day Camp


  • Monday to Friday (No weekends)
  • 6:45AM-7:00AM Drop off at or around the Mill St parking areas. (Early enough to drop campers before work, yes another pick up point in West Kelowna and/or Peachland)
  • 8:00 Arrival at camp. Straight into morning activities as we will have covered our orientation and review of procedures on the bus.
    • We will have structured (EcoFun) and free (Rec) time very similar to our normal summer camp program
  • 12:30pm Lunch, that's right no packing your kids lunch each morning as you rush them out the door (Or evening before when you just want to relax)
  • Healthy nutritious lunch with some snacks available during the day.
  • More EcoFun & Rec time with camp wide games.
  • 5:00pm Kids get back on the same bus they arrived on (The buses are sanitized end of each day and the kids sit one per double seat, siblings from same household maybe asked to sit two per double seat)
  • 6:00pm Arrive back to Mill Street (and other drops sooner) This will give parents up to 11 hours for a work day and errands, dinner prep or whatever needs to be done.

General and Covid19 procedures:

  •  Will be detailed out in a separate announcement. 


  • Approximately $55/day with a commitment of a full week, Monday to Friday.

We have been working on developing a plan for all financial needs as we understand the financial hardships that many are encountering. We will be able to make all adjustments for you, but this process will take some time as we have many families registered to attend. At this time we are asking that you consider the best option for your family as outlined below, a follow up email will direct you to log into the system and complete a short form informing us how you want to proceed.

The options are,

Apply your overnight camp fee to the new day camp registration (Campers registered in a session will get priority registration for that weeks day camp)

  • Transfer all paid fees to 2021 and receive early registration opportunity to select your camp of choice before registration opens to all.
  • Transfer your deposit to 2021 and receive a refund of the remainder.
  • Receive a refund in full.
  • Donate all paid fees to assist in supporting Silver Lake financially in 2020.
  • Donate your deposit to support Silver Lake and receive a refund of the remainder.
    • All donations above $25 will receive a taxable donation receipt.

  • We want to remain flexible for all families, please email or call the office if these options are not right for your family.

When we hear back from Provincial Health regarding day camp go ahead an email will follow with directions on how to access your registration and indicate how you want to proceed with your 2020 fee's already paid. Please note the system for registrations, cancellations, refunds and donations has not yet been enabled on the registration portal.

We are already brainstorming on ways to make day camp bigger and better. We will continue to monitor the current state of Covid19 in BC and follow recommendations from Provincial Health when we are able to re-open for overnight camp safely. In the meantime, please follow our social media and website to stay connected with us.

We are grateful for our extended camp family and know that we will get through this together. On behalf of all of us here at Silver Lake, we wish you good health and look forward to seeing you again at camp. In the wise words often heard from Dr. Bonnie Henry, “Remember, this is not forever. We’re going to get through this”.

Silver Lake Forest Education Society

Russ (Muskrat) Paton

Silver Lake Camp Covid19 Updates

March 23, 2020

Silver Lake Forest Education Centre (Silver Lake Camp) is a youth primary facility; being used by public and private schools as well as youth and community programs throughout the year as well as our Summer Camp Programs and a dash of private rentals. As a result of this we want to ensure everyone that you, your campers and our staffs health and safety is, and has always been, our number one priority.

There is a ton of uncertainty out there regarding covid19 and much we do not know and will not know for weeks or months about what the situation will be in May or even July. We are planning and will be bringing more information forward as the flow of information  and directions come from the various bodies that are asking for the publics compliance right now, these are the bodies that also normally regulate camping; Federal, Provincial & Regional Health Authorities, BC Employment Standards, WorksafeBC.

Camps have some experience with this type of thing already (influenza and norovirus for example) and practice high levels of hand sanitation before every meal and after any bathroom use. Camp is stocked with three types of sanitizers for surface and personal use. The Camping Standards also direct us in concert with Provincial Health on such things like the amount of space required in each cabin per camper (Similar to physical distancing) Obviously these things are daily things meant to address normal daily bugs but we are told they are a big part of what the plan would look like when camps return to operate.

The camp seasonally opens May 1 but we will be delaying this opening based on advice and direction from civil authority, currently camp is vacant and we ask our camper friends, families, staff and alumni to find other places to get away and hike during this time; we will miss you but will see you in the future. Our facilities have been vacant since before the outbreak and will remain so until civil authority says it is OK to operate.

Here is no time limit on cancellations when it comes to covid19 and the civil authority directing people not to gather, we encourage you to support us and provide hope for your campers by sticking with us until we know if we will be able to operate or not. Nobody will be penalised for waiting till the end to decide.

Our amazing Staff, our dedicated Board of Directors and of course Myself wish you and your families all the best in the coming weeks and we hope to see you all this summer for a much deserved escape!

Silver Lake Forest Education Society

Russ (Muskrat) Paton