2021 - AGAIN, What a challenging spring it has been for all of us here at Silver Lake and what an amazingly difficult time it must be for all of you. With many services not being available for campers on the spectrum we are doubling down our efforts and want you to help inform us on how we can do this with the maximum benefit to all of you.

​We are in an unique position this year to have extra staff funded through Student Summer Jobs programs, Thank you Dan Albas MP, for your support. With this in mind we can be flexible and offer the following scenarios:

Please see the dates for ASD camps on our registration landing page at silverlake.campbrainregistration.com Sessions eligible for AFU support are listed in the bottom half of the table prefixed with ASD.

Our recommendation is that you apply for AFU approval as soon as possible and sign you camper up as soon as possible, some sessions have waitlist and I encourage you to complete a waitlist registration and contact the office as we have some ability to be flexible.

Autism Spectrum Camp

2022 - Well I didn't want to, and had hoped to avoid, starting this year off with another version of "Wow, what a challenging x...." but that is where we are at for covid and the environment, Things look much rosier for our Autism Spectrum program.  The program has been picking up some speed with some great success stories but I want to caution parents against moving to quickly, this can create situations where needs are not fully met and set the camper (and staff) back instead of empowering them. To this end we ask that all parents/guardians of campers on the Autism Spectrum (whether diagnosed or not) no matter how self sufficient they are, to please register into an ASD Camp slot and complete our intake form as accurately and honestly as possible. Just click the link to download and return to asdcamp@silverlakecamp.net This will allow us to better assess where your camper should be. If you have more questions please email or call the office. See camp schedule under Summer Camp.

2019 was a huge success and were preparing for an expanded program in 2020, but Covid 19 changed all or plans and we ran day camps instead.

There are many types of camps out there and they have excellent programs and tend to serve either a very broad range or small niche. Silver Lake and her sister Forest Education Camps have been providing youth environmental education since 1960 and has always seemed to serve a broad range with a niche program. As we move ahead we want to be serving as much of the youth campers in BC as possible, this camp is an effort to do that and serve a sector that does not have many choices.

We will be focusing short term on an Intro to Camp strategy with the intent in the long term to offer integrated camping programs. SLFES will be growing our paid and volunteer staff for these camps as we grow the camps themselves, and are partnering with Autism Associations and have the pleasure of working with professionals in this field that focus on delivery of programs and others on staff training.

The intent with these programs are to introduce your child to the wonders of the natural world and while developing confidence, and skills in a camp environment. Attendance at the One Day Camp is somewhat required; this opportunity will introduce your child to the site and allow our staff to asses their needs in the camp environment. At this time only one, One Day Camp date has been established for May 18th. I know it is short timing if you did not receive our initial information and if there is enough demand we will find another date in Mid June.

While we will have staff supervision, and a number of volunteers to help at these camps, it is a camp for children on the autism spectrum that are able to communicate verbally and are aware of the safety implications of staying with the group within the boundaries of camp. If your child is unable to adhere to the safety rules of camp we will not be able to accommodate them at this time.

Intro To Camp One Day - Ages 9-16 (June 29th *** Rescheduled from May 18th) $80.00

This will be a fun filled day learning about the camp; arriving around 10am, doing safety orientation, checking out the accommodations, doing camp activities, having meals in the Dinning Hall and finishing with an early evening campfire program. There is no charge for the parent on this day, and the parent may leave after lunch if they and the staff agree; when signing your child up for Camp, please indicate who will accompany them for the day. 

Camp Ages 9-12 July 19-20th Two Day Camp $250.00
This camp is especially designed for kids on the autism spectrum between the ages of 9-12. This camp will give youth the experience and fun of camp in a short stay. Campers will get to spend two days experiencing activities like canoeing, orienteering, Eco-fun explorations, swimming, and archery. We will top off our day with a campfire including songs, skits, and hot chocolate. This one night, two-day camp will be an action packed adventure. Intro to Camp is a requirement for overnight camp.

Camp Ages 12-15 Aug 6-8 Three Day Camp $350.00

This is our second camp designed for kids on the autism spectrum. This three day, two-night camp will give campers the opportunity to explore nature in a beautiful setting. Although this is a shorter camp there will be no shortage of fun and activities. You can look forward to swimming, archery, hiking, canoeing, Eco-fun explorations, and camp wide games, just to name a few. You can also look forward to evening activities like campfires, hot chocolate, and some night sky exploration. Intro to Camp is a requirement for overnight camp.

Accommodations? Sleeping accommodations are separate male/female dorms with bunk beds, we will only have thirty campers total at one camp so everyone can have a bottom bunk (or a top).

Can I use my autism funding to pay for the camp? I do not see why that would be a hurtle, the lead staff are certified and it is a camp specifically for campers on the spectrum. I am asking this question to others right now for clarity. ***Update we are working through a parent submission for funding and hope to have there approval soon.

Staff ratio? Staff ratio is planned for two campers per one staff, this will be accomplished with 4 campers to one paid staff and one volunteer.

Schedule available? Yes, a detailed, but flexible, schedule will be available for each session very soon.

Follow the link to register: https://silverlake.campbrainregistration.com

Volunteers needed, please forward to anyone who may be interested in supporting these new camps, interested parties can call or email me as below.

I look forward to working with your family to provide the most positive experience for your child! Please email or call me with any questions, comments or concerns you have, I would love to hear from you, feedback makes us better.

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